Your Community

Avoiding impacts to local communities from the Champlain Hudson Power Express is a priority for project organizers. In addition to the numerous community engagement opportunities required by federal and state law, TDI has proactively undertaken additional outreach to ensure that local communities feel that their voices are being heard and their concerns are reflected in the project design to the extent possible.

For example, in Rockland County residents had clear concerns over the route of the project within a railroad right-of-way. We recognized these concerns and met them head-on. Over the course of a two-month period, TDI met with hundreds of elected leaders, business groups, environmental and community advocacy groups, local residents and former opponents of the project. These meetings played a critical role in helping determine a route for the project that would be less impactful to the communities it passes through, and in helping residents understand how the project would benefit their communities economically.

As CHPE moves forward, residents in communities along the project route can expect even more opportunities to be heard and have their questions answered and their concerns addressed. TDI firmly believes that community engagement is not just a required box to check off during the permitting process, but rather an ongoing process that builds trust and fosters cooperation between TDI and the host communities.

Please check back here periodically for community updates and to learn about opportunities to participate in our ongoing dialogue with all stakeholders in the Champlain Hudson Power Express project.

You can review answers to questions already posed by project stakeholders on the Q & A page.